a la carte

We at American Fortune have developed a unique approach to selling a business; an approach that puts business owners in the driver’s seat.  Our a la carte offerings, listed below, give business owners the power to select and pay only for the services they need in order to sell a business successfully.

Select from the services below to learn more.

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    Exit Planning

    Business owners have so much on their plate that when it’s suggested they finalize an exit…
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    Pre-Sale Preparation

    Just like a home needs “prepped” before a real estate agent puts it up for sale, so…
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    Valuation & Sale Price

    Determining the value of your business is both a science and an art. On one hand, there…
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    Marketing & Advertising

    An owner must be cautious when promoting the sale of their business; especially when it’s a business…
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    Screening Buyers

    The following depicts a likely call to an owner from a potential buyer who learned the business…
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    Due Diligence

    Many business owners believe the due diligence process takes place when a prospective buyer physically visits a…
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    All the chatting in the world about a business, it’s financials, it’s growth potential, etc. is great…BUT,…
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    Closing The Deal

    You’re almost there: the buyer’s due diligence is done, negotiations are complete and now you just need…
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    Ongoing Assistance

    Things are bound to come-up when trying to do both operate the business and work on selling the business.


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