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Business Sale Avocate is a subsidiary of American Fortune Mergers and Acquisitions
Both Business Sale Avocate and it’s parent company have locations in Louisville, Kentucky and Detroit, Michigan: the company services clients throughout the USA.  Please contact us anytime for help, questions or more information at 502-244-0480


Business Sale Avocate
505 S. 3rd, Suite 301
Louisville, KY 40202
Business Sale Avocate
38800 Van Dyke Avenue
Sterling Heights, MI 48312

Phone: 502-244-0480 ext. 24


SOLO Sale…

  • Is a seller-driven sales process
  • Reduces cost of selling a business
  • Includes sales support services


You’re In Charge

  • Seller pays no commission fees
  • Thousands saved on each business sale
  • Seller-controlled sale process


Maximize Value

  • Teaches the value drivers of a business
  • Grades the optimization of value drivers
  • Suggests value improvements