American Fortune Business Sale Advisors was founded by a long-term mergers and acquisitions expert, Brian Mazar.  Mr. Mazar has represented both buyers and sellers in hundreds of business transactions since 1998.  “As a service provider within the mergers and acquisitions industry, I was never comfortable with the fact there were no available options for an owner to partially engage with a merger & acquisition firm or a business broker to sell a business.  Owners either had to agree to fully work with merger & acquisition firm or business broker who would manage all steps in selling a business or they had sell their business alone…with no advice from the experts,” shares Mazar.  To add to Mazar’s frustration, merger & acquisition firms and business brokers charged an industry average of 10% – 12% commission (based on the selling price) for their services!  “That’s a large fee no matter how you look at it!”

Brian Mazar, CEO of American Fortune Business Advisors

Brian Mazar, CEO of American Fortune Business Sale




How To Prepare a Business for Sale
In a perfect world, the best time to sell a business is when the business is performing well with future projections looking even better, the national economy is strong, and the industry is getting a lot of attention from Wall Street investors. However, regardless of all these factors, an owner might need to sell.  Health … Continue Reading

Tips to Choose a Suitable Buyer
When you’re contacted by an interested party about the sale of your business, it’s only normal to get excited and quickly hope that the interest eventually turns into a sale.  And we hope so too!  But the business advisors at American Fortune recommend you proceed with protective caution.  Yes, you want to impress them and … Continue Reading

Top Reasons Deals Fall Apart
PRESS RELEASE Louisville, KY (PRWEB) August 01, 2012 “There is nothing more disappointing than being in the 11th hour of a business acquisition when the deal falls apart,” stated Brian Mazar, CEO of American Fortune Mergers and Acquisitions. “In these situations, everybody loses.” That is why Mazar and his associates at American Fortune Mergers and … Continue Reading