The S3

Almost every business owner will admit to laying in bed at night thinking about work.  And if they’re honest, at some point they have also thought about life after their work.  Will they move on to own another business?  Will retirement be all they hope for?  What will happen to the business once they’re no longer at the helm?

Business owners can calm all this thinking by learning how market-ready their business is.  Whether selling a business for sale by owner (BFSBO) is just around the corner or not even on your radar, it is always important to know how quickly you could sell a business and what needs to be done to prepare a company for sale.

To help determine how ready your business is to be put on the market, SOLO Sale developed the S3 (which stands for Sell Soon Score).  After answering some brief questions, which should take no more than 20 minutes, a business advisor at SOLO Sale will score your information and contact you within 48 hours to discuss your company’s score and offer suggestions to move your company in the direction of being “market ready.”

Keep in mind that knowing this information and taking mindful steps towards a business’s future is a responsible measure for all businesses at all times.  Taking the S3 should be part of an annual routine to help you plan for your business’s futures.

So don’t waste any more time reading this page!  Hold your calls, mute all your IT devices and spend 20 minutes prepping for your business’s future.  NOW!






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Ten Reasons Businesses Don’t Sell

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