M&A Services For  Successful  Business Sale When selling a business, anyone can gather financials and have the business evaluated. Anyone can take a tour and speak with management. The real meat of a business sale, the real value of M&A Services, is in the breadth and depth, and skill of their due diligence process. This determines how financials are interpreted, what is focused on in a tour and during executive discussions, and what your key negotiation points will be. The due diligence process, when done correctly, will help a seller assign value (or lack thereof) to elements of a business that [...]

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Business Sale Services

The Value of Business Sale Services. When sellers prepare to sell their business, some are quick to take a defensive role relative to the buyer. After all, buyers conduct the due diligence, buyers make the offer, buyers request the necessary financial information, buyers make demands during negotiations, etc. The subservient role can be a difficult phase of the business sale and acquisition process. The seller feels like they have a good business to sell, and the buyer is being picky and scrutinizing. But in a business sale and acquisition buyers have rights, too. They have a responsibility to [...]

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