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Educate, Educate, Educate!!! It’s the best thing a business owner can do when considering selling their business. But merely typing “how to sell a business” into your search engine doesn’t necessarily mean you’re returned with quality information that will truly help. How many times have you tried to research something only to find yourself more frustrated and confused than informed? We get it!

The business sale advisors at American Fortune keep abreast of all the latest industry information on how to sell a business. Books, articles, publications, blogs, websites, etc. If you can name it, they have read it. This page is dedicated to information that has been reviewed and approved by American Fortune Business Sale Advisors. Below you will find advice, instructions and facts relating to all aspects of selling a business. Peruse at your leisure and, by all means, if you know of a good resource not already listed, please contact us.

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Books & Publications Third-Party Articles

Business Sale Tips, Help & Support Useful Web Sites

Documents & Forms

Books & Publications

Built to Sell by John Warrillow (2010)

Buying and Selling Businesses: Including Forms, Formulas, and Industry Secrets by William Bumstead (1998)

What’s Your Exit Strategy?: 7 Ways to Maximize the Value of the Business You’ve Built by Peter H. Engel (1999)

Valuing a Business, 5th Edition: The Analysis and Appraisal of Closely Held Companies by Shannon P. Pratt (2007)

Expensive Mistakes When Buying & Selling Companies by Richard G. Stieglitz, PhD (2009)

Inc. Magazine

Family Business

Third-Party Articles

Selling Your Business: Checklist for a Smooth Closing — Inc. Magazine — Mike Handelsman

Negotiating the Final Terms of Your Business Sale – Inc. Magazine — Mike Handelsman

Keys to Surviving Due Diligence – The Business Sale Center — James Labbs

Selling Your Business – Deal Structure and Taxes – — David M. Kauppi

How To Sell Your Business –The New York Times – Barbara Taylor

Business Sale Tips, Help & Support

How to Prepare a Business for Sale When the Buyer Doesn’t Pay

Risks When Selling a Business Tricky Selling Situations

Best Practices to Sell a Business Selling to a Corporate Buyer

Ten Reasons Businesses Don’t Sell Who Should Buy My Business?

Tips to Choose a Suitable Buyer Top Reasons Deals Fall Apart

Useful Web Sites

Documents & Forms

Summary Business Valuation (Sample) NDA (Sample)

Intermediate Business Valuation (Sample) Buyer’s Screening Form (Sample)

Comprehensive Business Valuation (Sample)