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Support, Support, Support!!! By M&A Resources provided by M&A Advisors. It’s the best thing a business owner can do when considering selling their business. But merely typing “M&A Advisory Support” into your search engine doesn’t necessarily mean you’re returned with quality M&A Advisory Support help. How many times have you tried to research something only to find yourself more frustrated and confused than informed? We get it! The M&A Consultants at American Fortune keep abreast of all the latest industry information on how to sell a business. Books, articles, publications, blogs, websites, etc. If you can name it, they have read it. This page is dedicated to information that has been reviewed and approved by the American Fortune M&A Advisory team. Below you will find advice, instructions and facts relating to all aspects of selling a business. Peruse at your leisure and, by all means, if you know of a good resource not already listed, please contact us.



Built to Sell by John Warrillow (2010)

Buying and Selling Businesses: Including Forms, Formulas, and Industry Secrets by William Bumstead (1998)

What’s Your Exit Strategy?: 7 Ways to Maximize the Value of the Business You’ve Built by Peter H. Engel (1999)

Valuing a Business, 5th Edition: The Analysis and Appraisal of Closely Held Companies by Shannon P. Pratt (2007)

Expensive Mistakes When Buying & Selling Companies by Richard G. Stieglitz, PhD (2009)



Inc. Magazine

Family Business



Selling Your Business: Checklist for a Smooth Closing — Inc. Magazine — Mike Handelsman

Business Valuation 101: The Five Myths of Valuing a Private Business — Axiom Valuation — Dr. Stanley Feldman

Negotiating the Final Terms of Your Business Sale — Inc. Magazine — Mike Handelsman

Keys to Surviving Due Diligence — The Business Sale Center — James Labbs

Selling Your Business – Deal Structure and Taxes — BusinessKnowHow.com — David M. Kauppi

How To Sell Your Business –The New York Times – Barbara Taylor


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